University of Oregon

Marine Biology Major

The University of Oregon offers a rigorous undergraduate major in Marine Biology. Students receive solid training in modern biology for the first two years, then spend at least three terms in residence at OIMB.

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Graduate Studies

Ph.D. and M.S. degrees offered through the University of Oregon include specialized course work and research. Graduate students affiliated with OIMB laboratories work locally, up and down the Pacific Coast, and in deep-water habitats throughout the world.

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Visiting Scientists

OIMB is well equipped to support visiting scientists as well as visiting classes from other institutions. Housing, office and laboratory space are offered at reasonable rates, and most lab and field equipment is available to qualified visitors. OIMB is a regular field-trip stop for numerous inland universities, some of which teach month-long courses on the OIMB campus.

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OIMB Undergraduate Research Featured in Fall Edition of CAScade

Click on the image below to link to the full article.   FEATURES | CAScade: University of Oregon College of Arts and Sciences

Adjunct Instructor Openings

The University of Oregon’s Institute of Marine Biology maintains a pool of applicants for temporary instructional positions during the Institute’s spring and summer session. For spring of 2015 we are searching for applicants to teach an 11-week Animal Behavior course. For summer 2015 we are interested in applicants to teach an eight-week Biology of Fishes […]

Assistant Professor Opening

The Oregon Institute of Marine Biology ( and the Department of Biology ( at the University of Oregon invite applications for a tenure-track (Assistant Professor) position in marine biology based at OIMB in Charleston, Oregon. Individuals whose research interests are appropriate for a marine laboratory and whose teaching interests would add breadth to our Marine […]

OIMB Research at Lough Hyne, Ireland

OIMB Research at Lough Hyne, Ireland

Cynthia Trowbridge, 6 American students, and her British and Irish colleagues are in their final week of collaborative research at Europe’s first marine reserve at Lough Hyne, Co. Cork, Ireland. The group participated in the annual Heritage Week “touch tank” event as well as many other cultural or historical events. Follow the group’s activities through […]