University of Oregon

Oregon Marine Students Association

What is OMSA? 

The Oregon Marine Students Association (OMSA) is a student-fee funded program which enhances the cultural and educational atmosphere of the OIMB campus.

What does OMSA do?

*Hosts an annual Invertebrate Ball where students dress up as their favorite spineless sea creature

*Hosts an ice cream social at the start of each term to provide an opportunity for students to get to know each other and OMSA

*Hosts occasional beach bonfires

*Hosts a mixer for all marine biology majors once per year on the Eugene campus

*Provides occasional outings to cool local places

*Provides NW forest passes for accessing local recreational areas

*Sponsors movie nights at the OIMB Boathouse

*Provides recreational equipment such as camping gear, volleyballs, soccer balls, basketballs, and badminton rackets as well as board games and puzzles

*Provides crab pots and shellfish licenses for student use
(Be sure to follow state regulations)


Contact information:
OMSA Directors
Caitlin Plowman

Nicole Nakata