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Archive | June, 2014

Sea Stars in Trouble

Sea star wasting syndrome (SWS) has hit Oregon’s sea stars hard this past April and May (2014). Researchers and students at OIMB and ODFW have seen the number of sea stars disintegrating, displaying lesions, and discarding arms increase substantially within Coos Bay and both inter- and subtidally on our outer coast. Sea star wasting syndrome […]

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OIMB on Research Cruise with Submersible Alvin

OIMB students and faculty are currently participating in deep-sea research on the Research Vessel Atlantis in the Gulf of Mexico. Using the deep submergence vehicle Alvin and the autonomous underwater vehicle Sentry, they are exploring cold methane seeps in the Gulf of Mexico at depths as great as 3500m (about two miles down). The first […]

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