University of Oregon

Oregon Shelf Invertebrates


This is an open-access resource being created by OIMB’s Deep Sea Biology course and other students and researchers. It is being compiled and edited by Caitlin Q. Plowman, Matt N. DePoalis and Craig M. Young.

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Porifera (Sponges)

Cnidaria (Sea anemones and allies)

Annelida (Segmented worms)

Arthropoda (Crustacea)

Brachiopoda (Lampshells)

Mollusca (Bivalves, snails, and slugs)

Echinodermata (Sea stars, urchins, and cucumbers)

Chordata (Tunicates)


Species A-Z


Modeled after the Oregon Estuarine Invertebrate guide, Oregon Shelf Invertebrates is meant to be a guide for students and researchers of invertebrates living on the Oregon continental shelf. Organisms are being collected, identified, and researched by students in Dr. Craig Young’s Deep sea Biology course at OIMB. Graduate students and other researchers are also contributing to this guide.