University of Oregon

Resources for Employment After Graduation


Employment Resources

Marine Careers – A Sea Grant guide to ocean job opportunities.

Hopkins Marine Station Career guide – List a resources for advice on various ocean related careers.

Career Guides – A list of career resources.

Texas A&M Job Board – This is a job board that you can subscribe to and receive postings for temporary job opportunities all over the United States.

State of Oregon Employment Department – This page periodically has listings for biologists and lab tech positions.

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife – ODFW periodically has seasonal job positions in fisheries, hunting, and other wildlife management areas. Jobs usually last from 3-10 months.

USA Jobs – Employment with the Federal Government

Oregon State University Job Board – This is another job board that you can subscribe to and receive emails with jobs postings.

Alaskan Observers, Inc. – Alaskan Observers has seasonal positions for at sea fishery sampling, with openings in Alaska and on the West Coast. Employees would live on board of commercial fishing vessels for the duration of the specific season.

Wildlife Biologist (Forestry) – There are seasonal jobs for spotted owl and marbled murrelet surveyors. Hamer Environmental and Turnstone both contract with state forestry.

Intermountain Bird Observatory – This observatory is part of Boise State University and hires technicians over the summer for various bird counting and banding projects.

Duke Hosted Physiological Ecology Job Board – This board advertises undergraduate opportunities, as well as intern and technician jobs, graduate opportunities, and faculty positions. It focuses on physiological ecology, but advertises very diverse positions.

Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography Job Board – This board has faculty, staff, technician, and postdoctoral positions as well as a link to postings for undergraduate and graduate student jobs.

General Job Search Programs:
Zip Recruiter