University of Oregon

Emphasis in Marine Biology

A Biology Major (B.S. or B.A.) with an
Emphasis in Marine Biology
University of Oregon

Students wanting a Biology Major with emphasis in Marine Biology must satisfy all requirements for the Biology Major.

Students should use this checklist to keep track of their progress.

When taking the minimum of 44 upper division courses they should include the following:
a) Take at least one course from each of the 3 areas of 300-level courses listed below:

Area I Cellular/Molecular: Bi 320 Genetics
Bi 322 Cell Biology
Bi 326 Immunology & Infectious Disease
Bi 328 Developmental Biology
Bi 360 Neurobiology
Bi 457 Marine Biol: Mol Marine Biol (OIMB only)*
Area II Systematics/Organisms: Bi330/331 Microbiology and Lab
Bi 353 Sensory Physiology
Bi 356 Animal Physiology
Bi 359 Plant Biology
Bi 399 Visual Systems
Bi 451 Invertebrate Zoology (OIMB only)**
Area III Ecology/Evolution Bi 357 Marine Biology
Bi 370 Ecology
Bi 374 Conservation Biology
Bi 380 Evolution
Bi 390 Animal Behavior
Bi 395 Tropical Ecology

b) Students must spend at least 1 term (academic or summer) at the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology (OIMB) in Charleston Oregon.
c) Take the Marine Biology Seminar (Bi 407, 2 credits) offered at OIMB.
d) Take 13 or more credits of 420-499 courses listed below. All of these 400-level courses are taught at OIMB during either academic or summer terms. Thirteen credits translates into a minimum of 2 and possibly 3 of the listed courses and could be done in one term at OIMB. In addition all of these courses have field and or lab components.

400-level courses at OIMB: BI 451 Invertebrate Zoology
BI 458 Biological Oceanography
BI 457 Marine Biol: Marine Molecular Biology
BI 474 Marine Ecology
BI 455 Marine Birds and Mammals
BI 457 Biology of Fishes
BI 454 Estuarine Biology
BI 457 Comparative Embryology & Larval Biology
BI 457 Marine Conservation Biology
BI 457 Deep Sea Biology
Other topics when offered

*BI 457 Marine Biology: Marine Molecular Biology can be used to satisfy only Area I or the 400 level category.

** If BI 451 Invertebrate Zoology is used to satisfy Area II only four credits may be applied towards the 400-level credits