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Rocky Shores – First Grade

Photo Credit: Trish Mace

Photo Credit: Trish Mace

Explore the rocky seashore and tidepools! Learn about what it is like to live where the waves crash and plants and animals are sometimes in water and sometimes in air. Observe and study sea stars, limpets, sea slugs, snails, chitons, mussels, barnacles, crabs, worms, fish and octopods. Explore the different adaptations these animals have for holding on, moving and eating in the busy world at the edge of the sea. Learn about algae—where different kinds grow, which seashore animals eat algae, and how we eat and use it too! Come up with experiments to test your questions. Very importantly, learn how to treat the rocky seashore, and plants and animals that live there, with care.

MARE lessons (Teacher’s Guide to the Rocky Seashore)
Seashore Sleuthing             A Snail’s Place
Water Works                     Seaweed Soup
Seashore Charades            Tidepool Boogie
Build a Rocky Shore          Seashore Bingo



Seashore Charades PPT

Zones and Adaptations, PPT

Echinoderms, PPT

Sea Stars, PPT

Sea Star Flip Experiment

Molluscs – Classification, PPT

Crustaceans: Classification, PPT

Barnacles and their Life Cycles, PPT

Plankton: Meroplankton Match-up, PPT

Food Webs

Predator Prey Experiment

Field Inquiry: Life Under Rocks

Unit Summary

Tide Pool Booklet

Question Guide

Field Guide

Etiquette and Guidelines


Octopus Hunt

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