University of Oregon


University of Oregon Students

Students considering attending the University of Oregon for their undergraduate degree should review information about admissions  and details concerning the marine biology degree.

UO students may use “Duck Web” to register for classes at OIMB. Students will also need to send an application for the specific term at OIMB to determine schedules, dorm space, class supplies etc. These applications can be found at the Biology Department on main campus (77 Klamath Hall), at OIMB campus, and online:

FallSpring | Summer

Non UO Students

Fall and Spring Terms:
Non UO students may attend fall or spring term at OIMB without being formally admitted to the University by filling out a guest student application along with the fall or spring term application form.

Summer Term:
Guest student applications are not required for summer term. However, guest students must fill out a summer application.