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Ponds – Kindergarten


Photo Credit: Trish Mace

Study the world of ponds! Start by exploring water – how it feels and moves, how some things sink in water and other things float, how drops form and hold together, and how different it would be to live and breath and feed in water. Learn about habitats and about the things that all organisms need. Learn about food webs and how plants and animals are interconnected. Study insects, snails and tadpoles, and build your own classroom ponds with pondweed, worms, snails, and fish. Observe and question, make and test predictions, observe and question some more!

MARE lessons (Teacher’s Guide to Ponds)
Water Water Everywhere
A Snails Place
Pond Homes
Build Paper Ponds
Adopt a Playground


Introduction to Scientists & Ponds

Predictions: Sink or Float


Food Chains

Metamorphosis – Frog Life Cycle

Reptiles vs Amphibians, PPT

Pond Bugs: Caddis Flies & More

Surface Tension & Water Striders

Three Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

End of Unit Review: Pond Bingo

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