University of Oregon

Marine Biology Major

The University of Oregon has a Baccalaureate Degree in Marine Biology, one of only a handful of such degrees offered on the Pacific Coast. Undergraduate students accepted into this major receive the same solid background in modern Biology (including cell biology, molecular biology, evolutionary biology, physiology and ecology) as a UO Biology major, but also experience several terms of the hands-on field-based learning for which marine laboratories, including OIMB, are renowned. Career options for Marine Biology graduates include jobs in state and federal government, advanced training for research and teaching in the marine sciences and most other careers available to broadly trained biologists. The background offered by this major is entirely appropriate for medical, dental or veterinary school.

Students in the marine biology major spend time on the Eugene campus and at the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology. In Eugene, students take introductory biology courses and fulfill chemistry, mathematics, physics, and general education requirements. Upper division biology courses are taken at OIMB, and the marine biology major requires students to spend a minimum of three terms at the OIMB campus in Charleston. Courses are offered at OIMB during springsummer and fall terms and winter term starting in 2017.. The OIMB campus has dorms and a dining hall to accommodate students.

Examples of what OIMB graduates are doing.

Undergraduate research at the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology was featured in the Fall 2014 edition of the University of Oregon College of Arts and Sciences magazine CAScade. Click on the image below to see the whole article and read more about research  opportunities for undergraduates at OIMB.