University of Oregon

Information for Visiting Researchers


PO Box 5389
Charleston, OR 97420
(541) 346-7280

On-campus housing: OIMB has five family cottages, a four-unit apartment building, a single bedroom cabin, and a studio apartment on offer to visitors, whether visiting for teaching, research, or scholarship.  Demand is highest in the summers, when most classes are taught by outside faculty. Due to high enrollment of students in summer, visiting faculty and seminar speakers receive priority when determining housing availability. Contact Laura Screen for any housing inquiries.

Laboratory: In recent years, many of the researchers visiting the OIMB have had specific collaborative arrangements with resident faculty, and therefore occupy space in the relevant faculty lab.  For those with independent research projects, a dedicated visitors’ lab in the research building may be reserved.  The lab includes bench space for 3-4 people, additional bench space with sinks and cabinets, a fume hood, and two long seawater tables.

The visitors’ lab also includes an isolated room with benches and a second fume hood, an auxiliary darkening room with microscopes and basic histology equipment, and direct access to environmental chambers and the “crab room” (an enclosed set of seatables and tanks).  The SEM and confocal share a room at the end of the visitors’ lab.  Researchers interested in reserving all or part of the visitors’ lab should contact OIMB administration well in advance, because it is commonly used in the late spring and summer by short-term classes and field trips.

Common facilities: Visiting researchers can expect access to a variety of campus lab resources, including the stockroom, mud room, an outdoor seawater “tank farm” and the Tyler Aquarium (indoor seatables adjacent to Emlet lab). Research vessels and various equipment are described in a separate page.

Office and connectivity: A small number of offices upstairs in the Rippey Library may also be reserved by visiting scholars.  OIMB has a full-speed internet connection and provides secured wireless access throughout most of the campus.  Photocopiers, scanners, printers, and a copy stand are available in the Rippey Library.  The Library also provides a few common use computer terminals with a limited selection of software, mostly as needed for class use.

Collecting permits: Visiting researchers at OIMB who plan to collect invertebrates must obtain a collecting permit from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. Applications are at

Teaching Opportunities: Classes in the OIMB summer session are taught by visiting faculty. Faculty who would be interested in teaching a course during the summer should contact Maya Watts to discuss this possibility.

Housing Options: OIMB has three two-bedroom cottages, one three-bedroom cottage that is handicap accessible, and a one-bedroom cottage available for short-term and long-term stays. In addition we have single rooms within a dormitory with kitchen facilities. Arrangements for housing should be made with Laura Screen.

24hour notice is necessary if you wish to cancel or reschedule your visit. All cancellations made within 24 hours of scheduled arrival date will be charged $20.00.