University of Oregon

Seminar Series

The Oregon Institute of Marine Biology hosts weekly seminars at the Boathouse Auditorium in Fall, Spring and Summer terms. Guest speakers report on their research to students and staff. Seminars cover a wide variety of marine topics and provide students with an opportunity to meet marine scientists. One seminar each term is specifically designed for the public, but all are open to public attendance.

For details and the current seminar schedule, please see below.

Spring 2016   Note: Public Lecture in the OIMB boathouse Auditorium at 7 pm on April 1

Fall 2015  Note: Public Lecture at OIMB Auditorium October 16, 7 pm

Summer 2015 Note: Public Lecture at OIMB Boathouse Auditorium July 8th, 7pm

Spring 2015   Note: McConnaughey Public Lecture at 7:00 pm on May 22 in the OIMB Boathouse Auditorium

Fall 2014 Note: Public Lecture at OIMB Boathouse Auditorium Nov 7th, 7 pm


Past Seminar Schedules