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Kelp Forests – Fourth Grade

Photo Credit: Trish Mace

Photo Credit: Trish Mace

Explore kelp forests and learn how giant kelp create a habitat for many, many organisms! Observe and study these plants and animals and their relationships. Compare different species to learn about the many shapes and adaptations of algae and learn how people use these seaweeds. Study an amazing diversity of invertebrates and fish, and learn how they feed and live. Learn about the absorption of light in water, and what that means for animals in the ocean. Through games and role-playing, experience the impact of over fishing vs. managed fisheries. Take a virtual dive in a kelp forest, and then in a shore-based field inquiry, collect data to answer your own questions about algae and its adaptations and distribution.

MARE lessons (Teacher’s Guide to the Kelp Forest)
Seasons of the Kelp Forest      It Takes All Kinds
Red Fish Roundup                   Sea Otter Jeopardy
Build a Kelp Forest                 Seaweed Smorgasbord
Fish Formation


Kelp Detective

Algal Dichotomous Key, PPT

Algal Pressing

Kelp Forest Inverts, Observations, PPT

Fish Dissection

One Fish, Two Fish, fisheries management*
*first publication occurred in Science Activities, Classroom Projects and Curriculum Ideas, 46(4)

Growing Up in the Ocean, complex life cycles*
*first publication occurred in Science Activities, Classroom Projects and Curriculum Ideas, 46(4)

Kelp Forest Food Webs

Symbiosis, PPT

Kelp Forest Virtual Field Trip

Testable Questions Relay Race **
**Copyright 2010, National Science Teachers Association (NSTA). Reprinted with permission from Science and Children, 48(4), Dec 2010

Field Inquiry: Intertidal Algae

Unit Summary

Seaweed Checklist

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