University of Oregon

Information for Bringing Student Groups


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Groups wishing use OIMB facilities should contact Laura Screen to make reservations.

PO Box 5389
Charleston, OR 97420
(541) 888-2581

On-campus housing: OIMB has dormitories that can house 50 people and has an additional eight family cottages, a four-unit apartment building, and a studio apartment. Demand is highest in the summers, so please inquire as far in advance as practical.

Teaching Laboratory: There are 5 teaching labs on campus that each accommodate 24 students and are equipped with sea tables and running sea water. Microscopes and projection equipment can be arranged.

The R/V Pluteus: A 42-food aluminum hull trawler, which can be rented for class use.

Collecting permits: If you plan to collect invertebrates, you must obtain a collecting permit from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. Applications are at

Teaching Opportunities: Classes in the OIMB summer session are taught by visiting faculty. Faculty who would be interested in teaching a course during the summer should contact Maya Watts to discuss this possibility.