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Cynthia D. Trowbridge

Senior Research Associate


B.A. Biological Sciences, Cornell University
Ph.D. Zoology, Oregon State University


Mail:   OIMB, P.O. Box 5389, Charleston, OR 97420 (institutional)
P.O. Box 1995, Newport, OR 97365 (home)
Phone:   (541) 961-0643
Fax:   (541) 888-3250

Graduate Students

Given the nature of my OIMB appointment, I cannot accept MS or PhD students.


Seaweed Ecology (BI 457/557)

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Selected Publications

Books & DVDs

Little, C. & Trowbridge, C.D. 2013. A brief introduction to the organisms that live in Lough Hyne (and what the scientists know about them). Pp. 162-181 in: Lough Hyne: From Pre-History to the Present. Kearney, T. Macalla Publishing, Skibbereen, Ireland.

Little, C., Williams, G.A., & Trowbridge, C.D. 2009. The Biology of Rocky Shores, 2nd Edition, Oxford University Press,

Trowbridge, C.D. 2006. A global proliferation of non-native marine and brackish macroalgae. Invited 91-page chapter in: World Seaweed Resources—An Authoritative Reference System. DVD-ROM, version 1.0. Critchley, A.T., Ohno, M., & Largo, D.B. (eds.). ETI Bioinformatics, Amsterdam.  


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Lough Hyne book 2013

Review Papers

Krug, P.J., Vendetti, J.E., Ellingson, R.E., Trowbridge, C.D., Hirano, Y.M., Trathen, D.Y., Rodriguez, A.K.,  Swennen, C., Wilson, N.G., & Valdés, A.A. Species selection favors dispersive life histories in sea slugs, but higher per-offspring investment drives shifts to short-lived larvae. Syst. Biol.

Trowbridge, C.D. 1998. Ecology of the green macroalga Codium fragile (Suringar) Hariot 1889: invasive and non-invasive subspecies. Oceanogr. Mar. Biol. Ann. Rev. 36: 1-64.

Trowbridge, C.D. 1999. An assessment of the potential spread and options for control of the introduced green macroalga Codium fragile ssp. tomentosoides on Australian shores. Consultancy report, CSIRO/Centre for Research on Introduced Marine Pests: Hobart.

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Journal Papers


Hirano, Y.M., Trowbridge, C.D. & Hirano, Y.J. 2013. Endophytophagy—a remarkable mode of feeding. Venus 71: 212–216.

Takano, T., Hirano, Y.M., Trowbridge, C.D., Hirano, Y.J., & Watano, Y. 2013. Taxonomic clarification in the genus Elysia (Gastropoda, Sacoglossa): E. atroviridis and E. setoensis. Am. Malacol. Bull. 31(1): 25–37.

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Vendetti, J.E., Trowbridge, C.D. & Krug, P.J. 2012. Poecilogony and population genetic structure in Elysia pusilla (Heterobranchia: Sacoglossa), and reproductive data for five sacoglossans that express dimorphisms in larval development. Int. Comp. Biol., pp. 1–13. doi:10.1093/icb/ics077.


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Cynthia D. Trowbridge has been fascinated with tidepools, beach drift, and marine life for the past forty years. Her educational background includes a B.A. from Cornell University and a Ph.D. from Oregon State University. She has conducted ecological research on seaweeds and invertebrates in nine countries, including her current work in the UK, Ireland, and Japan. Her specialties include the feeding ecology of herbivorous sea slugs (sacoglossans) and the problem of invasive seaweeds.  She teaches marine-oriented field courses for university students, state park staff, and the general public. Cynthia is the currently serving as an Associate Editor of the Journal of Marine Biology of the U.K. and Marine Biodiversity Records.


Ascidians at Lough Hyne Marine Reserve


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Facebook Group Administrator: Marine Science at Lough Hyne


International Research Experience for Students (IRES): 2012-2015

(2012) Laurel Hiebert, Katie Thomas, Caitlin Clark, & Yolimar Rivera Vázquez

(2013) Yolimar Rivera Vázquez, Keats Conley, Dylan Cottrell, Sara Edquist, Jill Lundquist, Charlie DiBartolomeo, & Cabot Zucker

(2014) Sara Edquist, Ryan Jiorle, Caitlin Plowman, Katy Kachmarik, & Carly Otis 

(2015) Caitlin Plowman, Hayley Resk, & Luke Ferrenburg


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  • John Davenport, Rob McAllen, Colin Little (current)
  • Bernard Picton, Joanne Porter (2018)


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Corallimorphs in Irish tidal rapids


Boring sponge in Lough Hyne, Ireland

Lough Hyne, Ireland

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