University of Oregon

Spring Term

March 30 – June 12, 2015

BI 390 Animal Behavior (4 quarter hour credits)
How and why animals behave, and how animal behavior is studied. Mechanisms of behavior, behavioral ecology, and sociobiology. Meets Monday 8:30-5:00. Instructor: Ashley Robart

BI 451/551 Invertebrate Zoology (8 quarter hour credits)
Introduction to the diversity of marine invertebrates. What they look like, how they work, where they live, and their natural history and behavior. Meets Tuesday and Thursday 8:30-5:00. Instructors: Richard Emlet and Maya Watts

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BI 457/557 Marine Biology: Comparative Embryology and Larval Biology (5 quarter hour credits)
A comparative survey of embryonic development and larval forms across marine invertebrate phyla, including but not limited to: Cnidaria, Ctenophora, Platyhelminthes, Annelida, Mollusca, Nemertea, Phoronida, Echinodermata, Bryozoa and Chordata (Tunicates). Students explore the rich and colorful diversity of marine embryos and larvae by culturing dozens of representative species in the laboratory. Field trips will be dedicated to collecting live material for use in class. This course is a great opportunity to improve microscopy, observation and scientific illustration skills. Meets Wednesday 8:00-5:00. Instructor: George von Dassow

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BI 457/557 Marine Biology: Subtidal and Deep-Sea Ecology
(4 quarter hour credits)
This course focuses on the ecology of organisms that live below the intertidal zone, including offshore-reefs, kelp-beds, continental slopes, submarine canyons, abyssal plains, seamounts, and deep-sea methane seeps and hydrothermal vents. Emphasizing factors controlling animal distributions and abundance, local field work will feature OIMB’s 600-m Phantom ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle). Meets Friday 8:3-3:00. Instructor: Craig Young.

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BI 407/507 Seminar: Marine Biology (2 quarter hour credits)
Speakers from a number of different Universities present their research interests. Spring 2015 Schedule

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