University of Oregon

EMBOC Student Opportunities

banner2Professional Development Opportunities:

  • •Weekly lunches with faculty and local marine scientists
  • •Weekly marine biology seminars
  • •Discussions and skill development in:
    • ◦Research ethics,
    • ◦STEM development pathways
    • ◦Transferring to a four-year school
    • ◦Applying for jobs or graduate school
    • ◦The use of professional social media
    • ◦Preparation of posters and presentations
    • ◦Conveying research to broader audiences


Social Activities and Fieldtrips may include:

  • •Tidepooling on the rocky shores
  • •Dredging boat trip on OIMB’s R/V Pluteus
  • •Trip to the Oregon Coast Dunes Recreational Area
  • •Trip to the Newport Aquarium and Hatfield Marine Science Center
  • •Trip to the UO main campus in Eugene and tour of science facilities
  • •Trip to the wild and scenic Rogue River
  • •Participation in OIMB’s annual Invertebrate Ball