University of Oregon

EMBOC Participating Faculty/Labs – Summer 2022

This is a list of faculty who are participating in the OIMB REU program and a brief overview of their research interests.  REU applicants will need to indicate their top two lab choices on their application. More information about each lab can be found by clicking the faculty member’s name. Note that the last two labs listed will not be participating in summer 2022. 

Richard Emlet – Ecology, functional morphology, and evolution of marine invertebrate larvae and juveniles Potential REU Projects

Aaron Galloway – Ecology, trophic interactions in marine food webs, lipid and isotopic biomarkers Potential REU Projects

South Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve (Alicia Helms and Shon Schooler) – Estuarine processes and ecological communities from watersheds to nearshore marine environments Potential REU Projects

George von Dassow – Cell Biology and embryology of marine invertebrates Potential REU Projects Potential REU Projects

Craig Young – Reproductive biology, larval development, ecology of deep sea invertebrates Potential REU Projects

Svetlana Maslakova – Biodiversity, systematics and evolution of development in marine invertebrates (NOT participating in summer 2022)

Kelly Sutherland – Ecology and biomechanics of gelatinous zooplankton (NOT participating in summer 2022)