University of Oregon

Coos Watershed’s Coho Lifecycle Monitoring Project

The Coos Watershed Association is a dynamic watershed council working to improve habitat in the
Coos basin for coho salmon. A crucial part in working to recover this species is the Life Cycle
Monitoring (LCM) Program that collects data on the coho population in the Coos Watershed.

Position Summary:
The Life Cycle Monitoring interns assist the LCM Research Assistant with biological monitoring
(surveying and sampling) of juvenile and adult salmonids in the Coos basin. Interns may also assist
with youth programs (training the next generation of watershed stewards) and community outreach
events. Duties will involve independent work.

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Program dates: with flexibility for students depending on class schedule.

• Fall Spawning Season: October 15ᵗʰ 2023 – January 15ᵗʰ 2023
• Spring Rotary Screw Trap: March 1ˢᵗ 2023 – May 31ˢᵗ 2023

The Fall and the Spring internships are two separate internships; we will accept applicants looking to apply for both seasons or just one.

Position Responsibilities:
• Work with supervisors/coworkers to install, operate, and maintain field equipment
• Hike in and along streams to conduct spawning surveys
• Trap and tag juvenile salmon using seining nets and rotary screw traps
• Repair and maintain field gear and equipment (e.g., seine nets, waders, dry suits)
• Assist with other fieldwork, data collection, and salmon-related tasks
• Communicate regularly with supervisor(s)
• Mentor high school-aged youth
• Assist with CoosWA outreach events

Preferred Qualifications:
• Ability to follow instructions and reliably work independently in the field
• Reliable transportation – site locations up to 20 minutes out of town
• Ability to maneuver rough terrain while collecting data
• Ability and willingness to safely work outdoors in all weather conditions
• Ability to commit to the full term of service for which you are applying
• Currently pursuing a degree in natural science (biology, forestry, fisheries & wildlife, environmental science, or similar field)

Position Schedule:
We offer 1-3 credit hours per internship. Students will receive 1 credit every 33 hours worked. Interns are welcome to re-apply for multiple terms if interested in earning more credit (for a maximum of 12 credit hours per student). Internship duration is approximately 8-11 weeks, with a minimum 99-hour commitment (to receive full $600 stipend). Field work is highly dependent on weather and stream conditions, so daily and weekly schedules are both flexible and susceptible to changes.

Upon completion, interns will receive a $600 stipend in addition to academic credits through their institution. Personal (independent) travel mileage will be reimbursed at the state reimbursement rate.
Interns at the Coos Watershed Association can expect to gain experience in:
• Conducting scientific field work in a stream environment
• Performing a variety of cutting-edge monitoring and surveying techniques
• Working with and maintaining field gear and equipment
• Developing an understanding of coho salmon life cycle, population levels, stresses, habitats, and management issues in Coos Bay
• Youth education and community outreach

To Apply:
Email your application to (