University of Oregon

Student Voices: Experimental Design and Statistics

Shannon Brown

The two-week statistics class taught at OIMB is beneficial for anyone who wants to pursue a career in science. Brian Bingham is a remarkable instructor who manages to effectively explain difficult statistical concepts. In the class, students learn how to use “R” the statistical software program. In addition, you get to collect your own data for homework assignments that help you practice the statistical methods learned earlier that day. Overall, while rigorous, this class for me was an eye-opening experience into the world of statistics.

Survey01 from Christy STumbo

Christy Stumbo

In 2 weeks, Brian teaches you the language of statistics in an enjoyable, hands-on setting – trust me, it is not as intimidating as it sounds. The class is based around learning how to design experiments and using the statistical program “R,” which gives you a leg up when applying to graduate programs.  We collected our own data – often in fun ways – to analyze with whichever statistical method we learned that day. If you plan on going into research or continuing on in science, this is the stats class to take!