University of Oregon

Requirements for the Marine Biology Major

RESIDENCY & GRADE REQUIREMENTS: 24 credit hours of Biology applied to the Major must be taken at the University of Oregon. All Biology (BI prefix) courses used to meet the Major requirements must be passed with a C-, P, or better.

CHEMISTRY, MATH, PHYSICS & MAPS (Modeling, Analysis, Programming & Statistics): Offered at the Eugene Campus

General Chemistry CH 221,222,223 or CH 224H, 225H, 226H (12 cr)
General Chemistry Lab CH 227, 228, 229 or CH 237,238,239 (6 cr)
Organic Chemistry CH 331
Calculus for the Biological Sci or Calculus MATH 246, 247 or 251, 252 (8 cr)
MAPS see #4 below (4 cr)
General or Foundation of Physics PH 201 and 202 or 251 and 252 (8 cr)

LOWER DIVISION BIOLOGY: Offered at the Eugene Campus

Option A. Biology Honors Sequence
Enrollment required C-, P, or better in CH 223, CH 226H, or equivalent and MATH 111 or higher. (You do not need this sequence to apply for 224H) Marine Biology Honors.)

Option B. General Biology Sequence
Enrollment required C- or better in college-level chemistry lecture course (CH 111, 113, 221, 224H)
BI 281H Cells, Biochemistry, & Physiology 5cr BI 211 Cells 4cr
BI 282H Genetics & Molecular Biology 5cr BI 212 Organisms 4cr
BI 283H Evolution , Diversity & Ecology 5cr BI 213 Populations 4cr
BI 214 Mechanisms 4cr

UPPER-DIVISION BIOLOGY: Complete a minimum of 44 upper-division Biology credits including 1, 2, and 3 below:

1. At least one course completed from Areas I, II, and III. Offered at the Eugene campus unless noted at OIMB.

Area I: Cellular/ Molecular          Area II: Systems/Organisms  
BI 320 Molecular Genetics
4cr BI 330 & 331 Microbiology & Lab 6cr
BI 322 Cell Biology
4cr BI 353 Sensory Physiology 4cr
BI 326 Immunology & Infectious Disease 4cr BI 356 Animal Physiology 5cr
BI 328 Developmental Biology 4cr BI 359 Plant Biology 4cr
BI 360 Neurobiology 4cr BI 399 Visual Systems 4cr
BI 457 Molecular Marine Biology (OIMB only, fall) 5cr BI 451 Invertebrate Zoology (OIMB only, spring and summer) 8 cr
BI 457 Cell Physiology (OIMB only, fall) 5cr
 Area III: Ecology/Evolution
BI 357 Marine Biology 4cr
BI 370 Ecology 5cr
BI 374 Conservation Biology 4cr
BI 380 Evolution 4cr
BI 390 Animal Behavior (Eugene & OIMB) 4cr
BI 395 Tropical Ecology 4cr
BI 474 Marine Ecology (OIMB) 5cr

2. Three terms of full time (at least 12 credits) enrollment in courses at the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology. Courses are offered spring, summer and fall terms and students may arrange research or internship credits during any term.


  • Up to 4 credits of BI 408 OIMB Summer Workshops may be applied to the 44 credit upper-division Biology requirement.
  • BI 357 Marine Biology may not be taken for credit after credit is received for either BI 458 Biological Oceanography or BI 474 Marine Ecology.

3. At least 12 credits with a BI prefix numbered 420 to 499

A list of the 400-level courses offered at OIMB each term can be found here.

4. MAPS (Modeling, Analysis, Programming, and Statistics): One course required out of:

BI 399 Sp St Experimental Design & Statistics (at OIMB)
BI 399 Computational Genomics
BI 399 Intro Phyton Bio
BI 399 Dyn Modelin Bio
BI 410 Introduction to Programming for Biologists
BI 410 Ecological Field Methods
BI 410 Matlab for Biologists
BI 410 Data Visualization
BI 410 Stochastic Mod Bio
BI 471 Population Ecology
BI 485 Techniques in Computational Neuroscience
ANTH 470 Statistical Analysis of Biological Anthropology
ERTH 418 Earth & Environmental Data Analysis
MATH 410 Machine Learn & Memory
MATH 425 Statistical Methods I

(Only applied to BI and MARB students matriculated fall 2017 or later.)


BI 403 Thesis, BI 405 Reading, BI 406 Practicum, BI 407 Seminar, BI 408 Workshops, BI 409 Capstone, and BI 410 Experimental Course qualify for general University of Oregon upper-division credit, but can not be applied to the 44 credit upper-division requirement for the Marine Biology Major.

BI 401 Research or BI 402 Supervised College Teaching: A maximum of 4 credits of BI 401 Research and/or BI 402 Supervised College Teaching may be applied to the 44 credit upper-division Biology requirement provided that:

a. prior to enrolling in BI 401 or 402, a proposal is written and approved by a faculty sponsor and
b. after the work is completed, an approved written journal or report is submitted to the faculty sponsor.

UPPER-DIVISION 300-LEVEL COURSES OPEN TO STUDENTS WHO HAVE TAKEN BI 211, BI 212, AND BI 213. Some courses may have additional prerequisites, please see the U of O catalog.

  BI 307 Forest Biology   BI 380 Evolution
  BI 357 Marine Biology   BI 390 Animal Behavior
  BI 370 Ecology   BI 395 Tropical Ecology
  BI 374 Conservation Biology  


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