University of Oregon

Marissa Paulling

Marissa Paulling —Fisheries Observer with Alaskan Observers (Monterey, CA)

OIMB confirmed my interests in marine biology, and since my time there I have applied my skills and had the support of my professors and friends to continue exploring and building upon what I learned at OIMB. After graduation, I interned in Mote marine lab’s seahorse conservation lab where I bred seahorses to decrease the collection of wild seahorses for public aquarium displays. I was also invited by OIMB’s own Dr. Cynthia Trowbridge to assist in snorkeling and littoral surveys of the Lough Hyne marine reserve in Ireland as part of her ongoing research. I am currently working as an observer aboard fishing vessels in the Monterey Bay area of California in cooperation with NMFS to maintain healthy and sustainable fisheries.