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Katalin Plummer

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Katalin Plummer – Research Assistant and Lab Technician in Chile

I am currently working as a research assistant and lab technician for Dr. Sergio Navarrete at the Estación Costera de Investigaciones Marinas (ECIM, Chile). Broadly speaking I do daily lab work and monthly field work. There is a historical larval database (developed by Dr. Navarrete) for which we collect and analyze data monthly. We install two different proxys for larval surveys out in the field, and we collect them both each month and throughout the year. I have the opportunity to apply the knowledge, skills, and research experience I gained as a marine biology major at OIMB in all aspects of our current projects including writing, synthesizing information, analyzing data etc. I have learned a lot so far and this really is my dream job, so I am very grateful and excited to be here.