University of Oregon

Alli Cramer

Alli Cramer —Graduate student at California State University, Monterey Bay (Monterey Bay, CA)

My terms at OIMB focused my research interests and broadened my experiences and love of learning. As a student pursuing an honors thesis, OIMB provided me with invaluable resources to independently formulate and execute a research project. Professors at OIMB, such as Jan Hodder, and agencies in close proximity, like South Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve, provided me with the tools and mentorship necessary to create a successful project and learning experience. The research I did at OIMB directly influences my current work as a Masters student in the Institute for Applied Marine Ecology at CSU Monterey Bay, where I model fish movement and home ranges. Additionally, the friendships and experiences at OIMB are some of the strongest and most memorable of my entire college career. Playing music at a bonfire by the ocean or going clamming at four in the morning are standard parts of college life at U of O’s marine field station and any student interested in marine biology should pursue the opportunity to study there.