University of Oregon

Student Voices: Estuarine Biology

Estuarine Biology

MacKenna Hainey

Estuarine biology was one of my favorite courses taken at OIMB. This IMGP1583
course covers a wide range of habitats one would find within an estuary
including, the local mudflats, salt marshes and eel-grass meadows.
Within these habitats we looked at the interactions of certain species relative to each other, the physical parameters of their environment and the important relationships they may utilize to make a living. We also learned how estuaries perform important biological services. The Friday group discussions on related articles helped introduce fresh perspectives and backed up what we learned earlier in the week. This class is not for students who want to stay clean and dry, however, mud and fun are guaranteed. My favorite part about this class was the field work and learning by doing in the great outdoors.  Almost every week
we would visit the mudflats, salt marshes or take a boat trip up the Coos estuary.  The involved, hands-on learning in this class makes the learned material stick around long after the final exam has been taken.  I highly recommend taking it.

Livier Enciso

Estuarine biology gave me an insight on the different types of organisms found in the various environments in the Coos Bay estuary. I now have a better understanding of the biotic and abiotic composition of mudflats and salt marshes. This class is hands on, so expect to get muddy and have a great time doing so.