University of Oregon

Hiring: Operations Manager

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Position Summary

The Oregon Institute of Marine Biology seeks a highly motivated, ambitious, organized, and communicative individual to serve as a high-level business operations manager.

The Operations Manager is responsible for planning and monitoring the routine business operations of the institute, including travel operations, payroll operations, documentation and retention of records, accounts payable and receivable purchasing operations, leases, contracts, and other day-to-day business operations.

Reporting to the Director of the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology, the Operations Manager supervises the administrative operations of the institute. The OIMB Operations Manager is in charge of a team that represents the face of the Institute, providing both academic and administrative functions to ensure the smooth operation of the research and teaching mission of the Institute. The OM leads the team to ensure excellent customer service and smooth processes for faculty, staff, students, and visitors.

In coordination with University HR, the Operations Manager is responsible for the creation, direction, implementation, and execution of all HR policies within OIMB and is called upon to serve as the director’s designee for policy execution as they develop and maintain a strong understanding of university policies and procedures and effectively navigating UO systems on behalf of the unit. The Operations Manager is expected to possess a comprehensive knowledge of the OIMB office, its mission, its programs and personnel, and the complex issues that advance the mission of the institute.

The Operations Manager will also provide training and compliance oversight on business operations functions throughout OIMB. The Operations Manager is responsible for developing recommendations and analytic tools for leadership to utilize and aid in decision-making for OIMB. The Operations Manager will be responsible for a broad set of assignments, which regularly requires the ability to exercise independent judgment while executing the priorities identified independently and by leadership.