University of Oregon

Hiring: Boat Operator/Teaching Support Position

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Position Description:

The purpose of this position is to provide support for the academic mission (teaching and research) of OIMB. Primary responsibilities include the safe operation of a 50 ft. research vessel (the RV Pluteus) and smaller boats in coastal waters, including the maintenance, repair, and safety of all boats. The person in this position is responsible for the procurement, organization, and maintenance of teaching and research related equipment, supplies, and services including a campus-wide seawater delivery system, the OIMB stockroom, and scientific equipment. They will assist with routine campus wide operations for security and safety, with special responsibility for aspects of facilities dedicated to research and teaching. They will collect and schedule the pickup of hazardous chemicals, laboratory safety, and emergency aid systems. The person in this position will work with other facilities and maintenance staff on larger projects as needed. Thus, we seek an individual who has a diverse marine technical skill set and experience multitasking in a marine teaching and research setting.

Work is often performed outdoors, sometimes in inclement weather. It may include lifting up to 50 lbs., bending and stooping for extended periods, and may include working from ladders, scaffolds, and other above ground locations. Boat maintenance includes work in a confined engine room and exposure to chemicals including diesel fuel, oil, and dust from bottom paint. The management and maintenance of technical lab equipment requires attention to detail, with the ability to carry out focused technical protocols. Research safety duties also require working with hazardous materials including chemicals. The working environment may have dust, odor and high levels of noise.

Schedules can and will change depending on teaching, research, and maintenance needs and may include occasional early morning or weekend field trips.

Minimum Requirements
• Possess an Operator Uninspected Passenger Vessels’ license issued by the U.S. Coast Guard, and a Marine Radio Operator’s permit issued by the Federal Communications Commission
• Merchant Mariners Document (Ordinary Seaman, Wiper, Food Handler or higher)
• Current STCW certificate including Basic Safety Training certificate
• Valid driver’s license
• Meet Coast Guard drug testing requirements
• Ability to speak, read and write English
• Basic computer skills including use of e-mail, web browsers, word processing

The successful candidate will also possess a 50 or 100-ton USCG Master Captain’s License in order to operate the 50 ft. research vessel.

Professional Competencies
• Knowledge of Coast Guard regulations and requirements
• Knowledge of/and experience with boating safety, maintenance and repair of outboard motors, and a working knowledge of diesel engines
• Ability to learn new skills in support of the OIMB teaching and research mission, which includes upkeep of basic equipment and organization of a stockroom
• Knowledge of electrical systems and plumbing
• Comfortable taking responsibility for the safety of up to 25 people

Preferred Qualifications
• Two years of experience operating vessels up to 50 ft
• Experience working in a marine research setting
• Boater Education Card issued by the State of Oregon
• Successful completion of First Aid and CPR training
• Experience troubleshooting diesel engines
• Certified SCUBA diver or instructor, ideally with previous experience or current certification as an American Academy of Underwater Scientists (AAUS) Scientific Diver

FLSA Exempt: No