University of Oregon

Lisa Ziccarelli

Lisa Ziccarelli − M.S. student in Ocean Science at UC Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz, CA)

I came to OIMB as a post-baccalaureate to gain experience in marine science after getting my Bachelors degree in the Midwest. OIMB was a life-changing experience because I was totally immersed in marine biology. The location of the lab and the structure of the classes are ideal for learning in a practical, hands-on environment. The professors have an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience, they are excited about teaching, and they take the time to really get to know students. After graduating I worked as a paid research assistant in the Shanks lab at OIMB for a year studying nearshore oceanography and phytoplankton, which inspired me to pursue a graduate program studying phytoplankton and harmful algal blooms.