University of Oregon

Jenna Kulluson

Jenna Kulluson —Education Project Specialist at South Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve (Charleston, OR)

While taking courses at OIMB I held an environmental education internship through the Environmental Leadership Program with State Parks and the South Slough Reserve.  Both provided me with experiential learning in the classroom and in the field that brought me to what I love doing now: working with students and teachers alike!  Since graduation I have worked as an Education Project Specialist at the South Slough Reserve coordinating a 3-year B-WET grant that focuses on providing teacher professional development and meaningful outdoor experiences for Oregon students.  OIMB’s intensive hands on courses, small class sizes, and dedicated professors provided me with the knowledge and passion necessary to inspire others to become stewards of our coast from the high Cascades to the deep Pacific and everywhere in between.