University of Oregon

Denise Griffith


Denise Griffith — Biological Fisheries Technician (Umatilla, Oregon)

When I first came to OIMB, I was immediately struck with an overwhelming sense of caring from the professors. There are very few places where the professors care not only about the education they provide, but also about the future of their students. During my time at OIMB, I was pushed to achieve skills I did not believe I could ever obtain, all provided through hands-on fieldwork, research experiences and lab activities. After graduating, I was encouraged by one of my professors, Jan Hodder, to pursue an internship with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, where I was able to learn skills that I used in my position as a Fish Biologist with Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission. I tagged and monitored salmonids in the Columbia River and collected data about migrations and habitat. I am currently working for the United States Army Corps of Engineers in Biological Fisheries and Science. I love my position! My responsibilities are to monitor and maintain all waterways in which any ESA listed salmon species travel within the dam. Another primary responsibility is monitoring the separator, which separates the juvenile fish from the adult species! Which can be very busy with adult salmon at times, especially during the fall and spring! OIMB prepared me for this career and gave me a positive experience that I can look back upon and be grateful for.