University of Oregon

Christy Stumbo

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Christy Stumbo – Outdoor Educator at Mount Hermon Outdoor Science School (Santa Cruz, CA)

At OIMB, I experienced intensive, hands on learning for the first time. Everyday I studied alongside my peers and professors as we gazed into tide pools, collected samples on the boat, or stared through microscopes. I believe this is the best way to learn.

After spending 2 years as a Naturalist teacher at Mount Hermon Outdoor Science School and 3 years working a handful of jobs, I am now in the midst of the Master’s/Teaching Credential program at UC Santa Cruz. It is a year long program with an emphasis on social justice and field based learning. My teaching pedagogy is strongly influenced by my time studying at OIMB. As a future middle school science teacher, I see myself learning and asking questions alongside my students, much like my professors at OIMB.