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Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution, Department of Larval Ecology

Oregon Institute of Marine Biology


Scott McEuen x 2
Brian Bingham x 4
Lane Cameron x2
Randy Olson (w/ Jaques Cousteau, not an alumnus)
Isidro Bosch



James Dalby
Mick Devin
Patricia Richards
Tracy Griffin
Mohammed Qurban
Teresa Nelson



Mary Sewell
Jim Welch
Anna Metaxas
Manuel Maldonado
Sophie George
Elsa Vazquez w/daughter Elsita


back row: Corinna Breusing (visiting student from Germany), Amy Burgess, Kirstin Meyer. front row: Mark Oates, Craig Young




Graduate Students

Brian L. Bingham (Ph.D, 1990, F.S.U.: “The ecology of epifaunal communities on prop roots of the red mangrove, Rhizophora mangle”) current position: professor, Western Washington University.

Nicholas J., Gotelli (co-supervised Ph.D., 1985, F.S.U.: “Factors influencing the recruitment of two subtidal invertebrates”). Current position: professor, University of Vermont).

James Dalby (M.S., 1988, F.S.U.: “Distribution and abundance patterns of oysters and ascidians in Florida fouling communities: variable outcomes of competition and role of early post-settlement mortality”) Current position: Biology Instructor, Thompson Rivers University, Canada.

Patricia L. Richards (M.S., 1993, F.I.T.: “Feeding behavior and morphology of the deep-sea terebellid polychate Biremis blandi”). Current position: research biologist, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

Daniel A. McCarthy (M.S., 1995, F.S.U.: “Gametogenesis and reproductive behavior in the sea urchin Lytechinus variegatus (Lamark)”). Current position: Assisitant Professor, Jacksonville University, FL.

Peter J. Barile (M.S., 1993, F.I.T.: “Ontogeny of phototaxis and vertical migration behavior of the queen conch Strombus gigas L. veliger larvae.”) Current position: Ph.D. student, F.I.T.

Daniel A. McCarthy (Ph.D, 2001, Kings College London: “Life-history patterns and the role of disturbance in intertidal and subtidal populations of the polychaete Phragmatopoma lapidosa. (Kinberg 1867) in the tropical Western Atlantic). Current position: Assisitant Professor, Jacksonville University, FL.

Michael Devin (M.S., 1998, F.I.T.: “A laser-based method for quantifying patterns of megafaunal species diversity on the Bahamian slope”). Current position: owner of an aquaculture company, Damariscotta Maine.

Tracy Griffin (M.S., 2000, F.I.T.: “The influence of temperature, salinity and food abundance on the growth rate and timing of sex change in Crepidula cf. plana (Hoagland 1984) of the Indian River Lagoon. Current position: High School Science Teacher, Melbourne, FL.

John C. Bauer (current Ph.D. student, Kings College, University of London: “Internal bacterial floras of bathyal echinoids”). (Deceased)

Mohammed Qurban (M.S. 2000, F.I.T.: “The population dynamics and life history of Bittiolum varium (Gastropoda: Cerithiidae). Current position: Ph.D. student, Southampton Oceanography Centre, U.K.

Teresa Nelson (M.S. 1998, F.I.T.: “Recruitment and survival of epifaunal organisms in impounded and unimpounded mangrove forests”).

Sandra Brooke (Ph.D., 2002, Univ. of Southampton, U.K. “Reproduction and recruitment of deep and shallow-water populations of Oculina.” Current position: postdoctoral fellow, University of Oregon.

Eva Ramirez (Ph.D., 2000, Univ. of Southampton, U.K. “Reproductive patterns of deep-sea invertebrates related to energy availability”). Current Position: CHESS postdoctoral fellow, Census for Marine Life.

Jeff Watanabe (Ph.D., 2002, F.I.T.: “Energetics and ecology of feeding and reproduction in gastropods of intertidal sabellariid reefs”). Current position: assistant professor, Manchester College, Illinois.

Ana Hilario (Ph.D.,2005, Univ. of Southhampton “Reproduction of vestimentiferan tube worms” (Curent position, postdoc, University of Aveiro, Portugal)

Postdoctoral and other visiting Fellows:

F. Scott McEuen (Ph.D., University of Alberta, Canada). HBI postdoc: Holothurian reproduction. Current position: Independent Environmental Consultant, Seattle, WA.

R. Randy Olson (Ph.D., Harvard University) HBI postdoc: Feeding biology of asteroid larvae from the great barrier reef. Current position: Biological Sciences lecturer, University of Southern California (left tenured faculty position at University of New Hampshire for new career as a hollywood filmmaker).

Andrew R. Davis (Ph.D., University of Adelaide, Australia). HBI postdoc: Chemical mechanisms inhibiting overgrowth and settlement of bryozoans. Current position: Senior Lecturer, University of Wollongong, Australia.

J. Lane Cameron (Ph.D., Simon Fraser University, Canada). HBOI research associate: Reproduction of deep-sea echinoderms; recruitment of seagrass epifauna. Current position: Southern California Regional Coordinator, Environmental Monitoring Program, National Park Service.

Isidro Bosch (Ph.D., University of California, Santa Cruz). HBI postdoc: Asexual reproduction in starfish larvae; feeding biology of Antarctic and deep-sea larvae. Current position: Associate Professor, SUNY, Geneseo.

Catherine Hurlbut (Ph.D., University of Hawaii). HBI postdoc: Role of light in settlement and survival of epifaunal sponges and ascidians. Current position: Professor, Florida Community College, Jacksonville, FL.

Sophie George (Ph.D., University of Paris, France). HBI postdoc: Egg quality and larval nutrition in deep-sea and shallow-water echinoderms. Current position: Associate Professor, Georgia Southern University.

Elsa Vazquez Otero (Ph.D., University of Santiago, Spain). Spanish government postdoc: Responses of compound ascidian larvae to haloclines. Current position: Associate Professor, University of Vigo, Spain.

Manuel Maldonado (Ph.D., University of Blanes, Spain). Fulbright postdoc: Larval and juvenile ecology of shallow-water sponges; vertical distribution of bathyal sponges. Current position: Research Scientist, Institute of Advanced Studies, Blanes, Spain.

Anna Metaxas (Ph.D., Dalhousie University, Canada). HBI postdoc: Effects of dietary conditioning and food patchiness on responses of echinoderm larvae to discontinuity layers. Current position: Assistant professor of Oceanography, Dalhousie University, Canada.

Mary Sewell (Ph.D., Univ. of Alberta, Canada). HBI postdoc: Energetics of brooding in synaptid holothurians. Current position: Assistant professor of Zoology, University of Auckland, New Zealand.

Suki Ekaratne (Ph.D., University of Wales, Bangor, U.K.). Fulbright sabattical exchange: Salinity and temperature tolerances of deep-sea and shallow-water echinoid larvae. Current position: Professor, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Adele Pile (Ph.D., Virginia Institute of Marine Science, College of William and Mary). HBI postdoc: Role of the microbial loop in deep-sea benthic-pelagic coupling. Current position: Lecturer, University of Sydney Australia.

James Welch (Ph.D., Duke University). HBI postdoc: Effects of turbulence and water flow on larval release in bryozoans and ascidians. Current position: Assistant Professor of Biology, Wittenburg College, Ohio.

Cathy Allen (Ph.D., Univ. of Southampton, U.K.). Lipid biomarkers of energy sources at hydrothermal vents. Current position:

Sandra Brooke (Ph.D., Univ. of Southampton, U.K.). Deep-water coral ecology and genetics. (current postdoc with NSF funding).

Isabel Tarjuello (Ph.D., Univ. of Barcelona, Spain). Ascidian population genetics and development.

Undergraduate Interns:

Pamela Pape (Univ. of Miami; Ph.D., Univ. South Carolina)
Lisa Dilling (Harvard Univ.; Ph.D., U.C. Santa Barbara)
Todd Graham (College of the Atlantic)
Julie Lambert (Old Dominion University)
Tanya Michaud (College of the Atlantic)
Nathan Allen (Gordon College)
Ahna VanGaest (University of Oregon)