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Information for Prospective OIMB SCUBA Divers

Dive Officer: Richard Emlet
(541) 888-2581

Responsibilities of OIMB Certified Divers
Checklist of Requirements for Diving Certification at OIMB
Application for Diving Certification at OIMB
OIMB Scientific Diving Standards

The University of Oregon’s Institute of Marine Biology allows SCUBA diving by graduate students, faculty, staff, and visiting researchers only for the purposes of research. At this web site is a set of documents that will explain the necessary steps you must take to become a research diver. You must become a research diver to be allowed to dive from the Institute and use it facilities and boats. Recreational diving is not permitted through OIMB. Any recreational diving must be done off campus and without use of any facilities or equipment from OIMB.

Our diving program was established in 1994 as part of an ongoing program at Oregon State University, a sister institution to the University of Oregon. The requirements you must satisfy are the same as those for the OSU dive program and comparable to those of most university research diving programs. These requirements are those specified by the American Academy of Underwater Scientists (AAUS), the umbrella organization for university research dive programs.

The complete set of requirements for becoming a certified research diver is listed on one of the following 1) the CHECKLIST page or 2) the REQUIREMENTS on pages 14-21 of the OIMB SCIENTIFIC DIVING STANDARDS. Requirements include already holding a national recognized diving certificate (e.g. NAUI, PADI, NASDS, etc.), having a moderate degree of open water experience (atleast 12 dives), a recent diving medical examination, and passing both a written test and an open water checkout dive. Other requirements are listed on the CHECKLIST.

These requirements are necessary to insure that our dive program is safe and our divers well trained before they attempt to carry out underwater research activities. The remote location and open ocean conditions that are part of diving at OIMB require particular care for all diving activities.

Should you already be certified in a research diving program of another university that is sanctioned by AAUS, it may be possible to arrange reciprocity after you provide the appropriate documentation.