University of Oregon

Hiring: Research Assistant

Position Summary
The purpose of this job/position is to provide research support to the von Dassow lab at OIMB. The research assistance will perform routine lab maintenance, basic molecular biology, and will conduct selected research projects autonomously or assist researchers with their projects as needed. This position will complete complex testing procedures and processes. Work will include technical preparatory procedures or other specialized laboratory needs and involves recording and/or reporting the results of tests and/or analysis of procedures. This is a full-time position.

Specific duties will include: maintaining algal cultures, care of invertebrate animals in aquaria and larval invertebrate cultures; plankton sampling; general lab organization; DNA extraction, PCR, and sequence analysis; PCR-based cloning and construction; in vitro mRNA synthesis; gel electrophoresis. Work Condition: Although most of the work will take place in a laboratory, this position will likely involve field collecting in the inter tidal, or by boat and some plankton sampling. Work Schedule: The nature of the job may sometimes require irregular hours (e.g.; to meet a tide or execute a timed step in a procedure) and occasional weekend work

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