University of Oregon

Fall Term

September 25– December 8, 2017

BI 211, 212, and 213 are prerequisites for all courses.

BI 457/557 Marine Biology: Subtidal and Deep-Sea Ecology (5 quarter hour credits)This course focuses on the ecology of organisms living below the intertidal zone, including offshore reefs, kelp beds, continental slopes, submarine canyons, abyssal plains, seamounts, and deep-sea methane seeps and hydrothermal vents. Emphasizing factors controlling animal distribution and abundance, field work will feature OIMB’s 600-m Phantom ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle).   This course may also include a shore (multi-day) research cruise off the Oregon coast on R/V Oceanus, weather permitting. Meets on Mondays 8:30 – 5 pm and Fridays 10 – 11:00 am. Instructor: Craig Young

BI 454/554 Estuarine Biology (5 quarter hour credits)
The biological and physical factors regulating production, abundance, distribution and diversity in estuaries. Includes field trips to marshes, tide flats, eelgrass beds and open waters. Meets on Tuesdays 8:30 – 5 pm and Fridays 1 – 2:00 pm. Instructor: Richard Emlet.

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BI 458/558 Biological Oceanography (5 quarter hour credits)
Examines the patterns of biological productivity and controlling physical and chemical mechanisms in the various environments of the world’s oceans.  Meets on Wednesdays 8:30 – 5 pm and Fridays 2:30 – 3:30 pm. Instructor: Alan Shanks.

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BI 457/557 Marine Biology: Marine Environmental Issues (5 quarter hour credits)
Issues that influence biological diversity of marine environments are approached from a global scale, and from real world examples from the local environment. An integrated approach is used to explore global climate change, fisheries, habitat alteration, introduced species and pollution in the marine environment. Meets on Thursdays 8:30 – 5 pm and Fridays 8:30 – 9:30 am.  Instructor: Jan Hodder.

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BI 407/507 Seminar: Marine Biology (2 quarter hour credits)
Speakers from a number of different universities present their research interests. Fridays 4:00 pm

BI 401 Undergraduate Research (2-10 quarter hour credits) Students conduct a research project under the direction of an OIMB faculty member. Email the person with whom you wish to work to arrange for registration. Limit 8 students.

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